Nano Technology



Nanotechnology is all about going small on size and huge on performance. In the last quarter century, nanotechnology has penetrated in every field of science.

There are two primary methods of generating nano particles, of which Luxor has perfected the sol-gel process.

It is a wet-chemical technique. Starting from a chemical solution (or sol), it gradually gives way to an integrated network of nano particles (or gel). This then undergoes and forms of chemical reactions and under certain chemical conditions the particles may grow to sufficient size. And finally, the precursor sol can be deposited on a substrate to form a film.

Armed with this technology and a realization of what it can lead to, Luxor has decided to revolutionize the household cleaner industry.


Impregnation is the process of saturating something with a substance.
Impregnation is a technique that has been tried earlier but in those cases, impregnation materials were always applied after cleaning of the surfaces and that meant that the surface was first cleaned and later, impregnated.

Now, Luxor Nanotech Ideal System is proud to present a new range of household cleaners that have the capability to clean and impregnate simultaneously. What’s even better is that it works on all common surfaces in houses, offices, buildings, warehouses, galleries, etc.


All detergent based cleaners leave residue, which forms a very thin film on the surface that attracts more dust, dirt and stains. The dust in the form of residue sticks on the surface, penetrates into the object and makes the cleaning of the surface more difficult over a period of time. To avoid this, the R&D team at Luxor has kept all their products (in the range), detergent free.

This means:

  • the surface will remain clean for a longer period of time
  • dirt will not penetrate through the surface
  • cleaning of the surface will be easier after impregnation
  • saves time
  • saves money
  • The actual effect of impregnation will be felt within 30 minutes to 12 hours of cleaning the surface for the first time, depending upon the variety of surface materials.


    Luxor 2 in 1 – Protects & Cleans, are not only cleaners but also protectors and have been introduced for the first time in the world. Luxor Nanotech Ideal System Cleaners are solutions without detergents, and with a property of impregnation (protector) element attached to them. The environment friendly products provide protection to various surfaces as per their applications, against dirt/ dust and stains for a longer period.