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Say Yes to Nano Revolution!

The new Luxor Nano Mould Release Technology is a non-toxic water based solution that solves the mould sticking problems – a common occurrence during extensive manufacturing process. Designed specially to serve a wide spectrum of industries like plastic, rubber and other moulding applications.

The revolutionary Luxor Nano Mould Release Technology can prove to be a niche product for manufacturing units using either Injection Moulding . Following are some of the benefits and product attributes that can leverage business outcomes.


Product Characteristics

  1. Non toxic, water based solution
  2. Anti-corrosive & Eco-friendly
  3. Extremely low coefficient of friction
  4. Water & oil repellent
  5. Is non-inflammable 
  6. Can withstand temperatures up to 450 Degrees Celsius,
  7. Suitable for large variety of applications
  8. Resolves mould sticking and drag mark problems & removes use of silicon sprays
  9. Single application lasts up to 1,00,000 uninterrupted cycles ( depending on the quality of mould and the raw material used)
  10. Also suitable for intricate mould designs
  11. Helps maintain consistent quality without leaving any marks