Toilet Cleaner & Protector
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Suitable for toilet facilities, Sanitaryware, Ceramic wash basins, Bathroom fittings, Tiles, Enameled cast stone surfaces, Acid resistant surfaces.
Cleans & Protects Against:
Dirt, Dust, Food stains. Does not leave any residue behind and the surface remains protected.

Direction of Use
Spray on the surface area. For toilet facilities clean with a brush, for other fitting places, wipe off with a clean dry soft cotton cloth until no streaks are visible. Under normal conditions you may repeat after 2 weeks, if necessary.

Daily Usage not required
Water, organic and inorganic acids. No detergents • No bleaching agents • No residue
Does not produce any harmful chemicals or hydrocarbons. It is an Eco-friendly product.

Remove all visible stains with a cloth.
Spray on the surface area and let it act.
Damp; dark and stubborn stains sufficiently with this solution.
Wipe off with a damp cloth until no streaks are visible.
For daily cleaning use a soft damp cloth.

Remove stains with a knife or a sharp object.
Use coarse abrasive cloth.
Allow the solution to dry out.
Time required for best results:
15 – 30 mins
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