Neno Technology



Nanotechnology is all about going small on size and huge on performance. In the last quarter century, nanotechnology has penetrated in every field of science.

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Be a carefree homemaker

The new Luxor Nano Clean 2-in-1 Protects & Cleans is the first choice of every homemaker. The choice is wide and the results are splendid. Luxor Nano Clean 2-in-1 Protects & Cleans is suitable to clean and protect interior and exterior surfaces of in and around your entire house.

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Say Yes to Nano Revolution!

The new Luxor Nano Mould Release Technology is a non-toxic water based solution that solves the mould sticking problems – a common occurrence during extensive manufacturing process. Designed specially to serve a wide spectrum of industries like plastic, rubber and other moulding applications.

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